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RumblePup - Tigre 30ml

$ 8.00
RumblePup - Tigre 30ml

RumblePup - Tigre 30ml

$ 8.00

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I promised myself I would not be another e-liquid creator with yet another version of a fruit and custard. 


However, I have a really good reason for why this flavor came to be. I didn't know I was making a fruit and custard. I was just trying to recreate this awesome summer punch, dessert drink my mother would make for me and the neighborhood kids so we would keep out of her hair. It's based on a recipe that my grandmother taught her.

Mom had no idea that Strawberries, Watermelon and Coconut was called Tiger's Blood. She just though that it tasted great together, especially when she used sweet coconut. 

Latinos from all over have their own version of custard, so do Cubans. We call it Natilla. What do other latin cultures call it? They call it Natilla too, but we think we invent everything. We make Natilla as both a stand alone dessert or as an addition to other desserts like pastries. It's not as rich as American style custard as it's a bit lighter and creamier.

Mom put them both together, gave it to us kids, and stood back as the sugar rush hit us and we flew out the door to attack the neighborhood. This stuff is not sweet at all, but potent.

She called it "Leche de Tigre" which means Tiger's Milk

ProfileFruit, Dessert

Primary Flavors: Strawberries, Watermelon, Sweet Coconut, Cream

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Bottle Size: 30ml and 60ml